Estonia temporarily reintroduces border controls

The Estonian government has declared an emergency situation in connection with the global novel coronavirus pandemic and the likelihood that the virus may spread locally. The emergency situation is in effect through May 1, 2020 unless the government should decide otherwise.

Border, international passenger ship traffic

  • Health control measures will be imposed at all border crossing points in order to identify people with symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
  • Anyone entering the country will have to fill out questionnaires in order to determine where they have been.
  • Health control measures will be imposed at airports and ports, and questionnaires will be required.
  • The sale of passenger ship tickets on the Tallinn-Stockholm-Tallinn route will be halted.
  • Measures for curbing the spread of the virus will be worked out and implemented in cooperation with passenger ship operators.

From 17 March, border crossing is temporarily restricted. Foreign citizens without symptoms of COVID-19 are only allowed to transit through Estonia on the way to their home.

Estonian citizens, permanent residents, or foreign citizens whose family member lives in Estonia can still enter the country. Self-isolation requirements will be in place.

International cargo and vital service providers can enter the country.

There are no restrictions for the exiting country.

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, many states and regions are introducing special measures, which Estonian citizens must consider when travelling. You must be aware that special measures are in place when entering many countries – you are not allowed to enter or will be isolated or quarantined. Information about emergency situation travel can be found on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

The number of countries imposing special measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus is increasing constantly. The risk of finding yourself quarantined or unable to find transport to return to Estonia can emerge suddenly.

Due to the rapidly evolving situation across the world and potential sudden travel restrictions or disruptions to transport links, the Foreign Ministry advises against any new foreign trips at this time. We also ask all Estonians who are currently travelling to return home as soon as possible.

Estonian citizens who are permanent residents abroad should follow the instructions of local authorities.

Estonian citizens who are having trouble returning home are advised to contact the consular assistance emergency helpline: +372 53 01 9999 (24 h).

The official timely information in English about COVID-19 in Estonia can be found on the website of the Health Board (Terviseamet)