Estonian Cultural Events

Dear Friends of Estonian culture  —

Thank you for your kind feedback to our first pandemic-era newsletter two weeks ago and for the new subscribers! Welcome.

It is important to stay connected during the unprecedented time in the history of New York and the entire world. Here is our second newsletter bringing you news on how Estonian cultural workers are adapting to the new reality and sharing their delights to accompany us all as we navigate the uncharted lands of the COVID-19.

This issue is primarily focused on Estonian film: an interview with two young filmmakers working on their projects right now in New York, online viewing of the newest issue of Estonian Film magazine, stream of the best Estonian nature film and news on two documentaries. And last but not least some good news for you via the New York Times.

We hope you enjoy it and feel free to share the newsletter to those who might delight in it!

See you in the Light of Culture,

Jaanika Peerna
Cultural Affairs Coordinator
Estonian Consulate General in New York