Estonian Anthropologist and Filmmaker Terje Toomistu in New York

Estonian anthropologist and filmmaker Terje Toomistu visits New York on the third weekend of May. She presents in Estonian House her documentary “Homing Beyond” (“Põlvkond piiri taga”) and participates in the Night of Ideas 2022.

On May 21st Terje Toomistu is among other known participants of the events of the Night of Ideas 2022. Terje Toomist takes part in bus journey inside a high-voltage-brainpower bus and joins talks in Brooklyn Public Library. More information about Night of Ideas 2022 is available on the webpage of the event.

On May 22nd at 3 p.m. Terje Toomistu’s documentary “Homing Beyond” will be screened in New York Estonian House. “Homing Beyond” is a documentary about young people who have left Estonia for various reasons. At the heart of the film is a generation born after Estonia joined the European Union and who decided to go abroad to work, study or explore the world. But years later, returning to Estonia is often not as easy. The new place of residence often offers attractive career prospects and better living conditions, and important close relationships have developed. People fall in love and get married, find new comfort zones and ways to step out of them again. “Homing Beyond” brings to the viewer a story about Estonians with colorful destinies living in different parts of the world, who honestly and openly share their personal stories, thoughts and feelings about migration, belonging and roots.

Screening is followed by coffee table and the discussion with the author. Event is free, but Consulate General asks kindly to register here latest on May 16th.