Estonia opens honorary consulate in St. Petersburg, Florida

At a formal ceremony held on Friday 22 February, the Director General of the Consular Department at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kersti Eesmaa re-opened the Estonian honorary consulate in St. Petersburg, Florida. Estonian Consul General in New York Kairi Künka also took part in the ceremony. The Estonian Honorary Consul in St. Petersburg is Kaie Tiina Põhi Latterner.

According to Kersti Eesmaa, the consulate helps offer consular support to the local Estonian community and further develops Estonian-US business relations in the region. “The honorary consulate in St. Petersburg is the second of its kind to open in the US this year – only in January we celebrated the opening of an honorary consulate in San Diego. Honorary consuls with their energy and network offer valuable support to Estonia in representing its interests abroad, especially in a large country like the United States,” Eesmaa said. “Not only do they provide consular services – they are also important champions for making Estonian enterprises and culture known in the world,” she added.

Kaie Tiina Põhi Latterner is an American small business owner and an active member of the Estonian Society of Central Florida. She started as honorary consul in October 2018, taking over from her predecessor Lisa Ann Mets (Estonian Honorary Consul in St Petersburg 2012-2017). She will serve tens of counties in the State of Florida, including Pinellas, Hillsborough and Orange County. The address of the consulate is North Redington Beach, FL 33708.

The Republic of Estonia has 15 honorary consuls in the United States and they play an important role in advancing Estonian interests in the country. Honorary consuls are prominent and respected locals, and one of their functions is to provide consular services and consular help to Estonian citizens abroad. They also help advance economic and cultural relations.